Wednesday, 23 May 2007

"Dont create bad guys late at night; its scary!"

Ok so I have been struggling for a while with where to take my story 'An Echo of Love'. I came to realise that I really didnt know my world good enough and that it infact had too many incosistancies.

For example: Where do all the races come from? How do they see one another? How was the Empire formed? Who built it? How does religion work and effect the different races? Why does it effect them as it does? etc. etc.

I could go on with the questions, however I realised what I needed to do was go and establish how the Empire was formed. So I picked up my pen, got my paper and I begun to scribble down what I had in mind for the Founding Empire.

It was last Sunday that I was speaking with a good friend who knows his stuff when it comes to History, Politics and Books when he showed me some ideas he had for some stories. His main problem is having the writing skills to get the work down but his ideas were phenominal. What he had done was plan his world the Biblical Way. As in he established each age in his world, listed major events and why one age turns into another. He was then able to carry stories through the time line and link them up with other tales.

So, naturally, this got me thinking. I need to go further back and establish the different ages and major events. This I did and I even found out that I could incorporate other story ideas and subplots that I had reacted years ago and scrapped. However, the main reason I write this blog is to leave myself a personal reminder

"Dont create bad guys late at night; its scary!"

I shall let you all into this bad guy later on. However, I almost did not sleep last night as I was imagaining this guy stalking through my bedroom and hiding in the shadows etc. hehe. Got to love an over active imagination!

Keep safe, Have fun and God bless


Friday, 13 April 2007

The Beginning

Greetings all!

I hope you are all well? Easter has just gone so I do wish you have all had a cracking Easter! Eek, I just remembered I forgot to watch 'The Passion of the Christ'. Ok, well, where do I start? I suppose I shall attempt to give a quick summary of how I started and all I have done so far.

The beginning? For me this will start way back when I was in Junior School (I believe that will be Jr High for all of our American friends out there) I pin the birth of my interest in writing, stories and world creation down to one game that mesmerized me at the time: Final Fantasy VII. This game really captured my imagination and set me down the path of writing.

The name of my world is Ilicia. It is inhabited by many civilisations but the main civilisation that I have developed so far is the Numidian Empire. Numidia is sort of a mix between both the Roman and British Empires: it has aspects from both civilisations. I shall elaborate in another post. I started developing this world way back when I was 16, so about 3 years ago, and I have been developing it off an on ever since.

Naturally it has changed quite a bit since I first begun as too has the story which I was developing it around.
hehe, this is a rather naff intro post but I'm feeling a little blah at the moment :P

I hope everything is well and you enjoy following this blog (along with my stories) oh which reminds me, if you wish to follow the stories assigned to this world then you can check out my Writers Cafe Profile

Anyways, I wish you all well. Keep safe, Have fun and God bless