Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Outlining the Continent

The next stage for creating the continent I am designing is to continue the outline from the first piece of A4. To do this I placed a sheet of A4 on the Northern boarder and another piece of A4 on the Eastern boarder to look something like this.

On these two pieces of paper I continued the lines from the first map. These lines then run off to another edge of the paper they are on.

If you continue this until you are happy with the size of your continent then simply bring the lines together at the end to close off the land mass.

For me this meant using 8 pieces of A4 paper. I gauged the size I wanted my continent to be by laying the paper out on the 6'x4' board that will be used to draw the map on.

The final shape of this continent can be seen in the picture below, however I am unsure how clear the lines will be, but not to worry as the next stage in the development of the map is to transfer the map on the paper to the board itself.

Next Stage

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