Sunday, 21 September 2008

Starting the Map

Map's are a great way to log the geography of a location, which is the main reason humans began to produce them. Kind of makes sense that does I guess hehe. So too is a map a great way to present your fantasy world to other people.

My aim for this tutorial blog is to log the development of a HUGE 6'x4' world map I have decided to crazily create. I will add some links that I have found very useful to this blog on the left hand side and I will possibly mention one or two throughout the blog as I find the links.

Firstly I would like to show you the first map I created for Ilicia.

This map shows the layout for the Island of Vancadia.

Vancadia is the heart of the Vancadian Empire, one of the most powerful Empires in Ilicia.

This particular map was created using a wonderful free piece of software known as Auto Realm.

Auto Realm is very easy to get to grip's with it is very similar to Paint in many respects however it also boasts a pretty good library of icons.

I have learnt quite a lot in terms of map making by using this program. I would highly recommend any would be world builders to go and download this software and have a play around with it for yourself.

Ok, so I now have a pretty good idea of what one of the key islands in my world looks like, but I don't really know much about the rest of the world and how it looks. This is where my HUGE World Map Project comes in.

Next Stage Creating Continents

HUGE Map Project Articles

1. Starting the Map
2. Creating Continents
3. Outlining the Continent

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